Ramsay Healthcare Website Design & Build

Greenwood Campbell
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Ramsay wanted a new customer-centric website, built on an enterprise CMS that could handle the complex integrations between 30 + hospital websites.


We pride ourselves on the strength of our relationship with our longest-standing client, Ramsay Healthcare UK; One of the market leaders in private healthcare throughout the UK.

They wanted a new customer-centric website, built on an enterprise CMS that could handle the complex integrations between 30 + hospital websites. This would require strategic, technical, SEO, design and UX expertise to migrate a huge amount of content from one platform to another.

What We did

  • Strategy
  • UX
  • Prototyping

We completely redesigned the user experience, focusing on a number of user stories, specifically targeting first-time visitors who may not have an understanding of the technical terminology used by healthcare professionals.

Because of the technical complexity of the multiple site integrations and the content editing requirements of the Ramsay marketing team, we chose to build the new sites on the Sitecore CMS platform. This meant that we could re-use the existing bespoke databases so visitors could easily search for hospitals, consultants and health procedures within the website.

From here, we used our expertise in Digital Marketing to accelerate the new site and save some money on paid advertising at the same time. This included:

  • Working with the Ramsay team to introduce new areas of advertising on Google Ads.
  • Optimising Weight Loss activity to improve their competitive edge in an ever increasing competitive market.
  • Creating brand visibility through improved messaging in ad creative and ad extensions.
  • Increasing site traffic through additional business areas and utilising learnings from current areas to expand coverage and exposure.
  • Ensuring Ramsay Health Care account is in the best possible position, adopting the latest Google Ads products/capabilities to maintain a competitive edge.


The launch of the Ramsay Healthcare Sitecore main website in February 2018 was on time and on budget, with an increased page loading speed and a clean, fresh design

From our digital marketing efforts, we saw a 28% improved average position of Ramsay Health Care within the search marketplace, whilst reducing the overall cost per click by 44% (CPC).

Not only this, but we also achieved a 235% increase in traffic from AdWords and a 68% increase in click through rate (CTR).

After the launch of the main site, this made way for 30 Sitecore individual hospital unit microsites with integrated existing portal backend systems.

Our strong relationship with Ramsay Healthcare UK meant that our collaborative digital partnership was pivotal in steering this project towards completion within the timescales and expectations set by the client.