Real Estate Company: Communication With Clients

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As a busy real estate office, this client was looking to expand the ways that they communicated with their clients.

The Problem

As a busy real estate office, this client was looking to expand the ways that they communicated with their clients, but at the same time wanted to keep records of all incoming and outgoing communication in one place – their Infusionsoft application. A previous Infusionsoft developer had created a system that could send emails and set appointments from a form, but even that functionality was having issues.

The client wanted to not only fix their current communication form so that emails and appointment bookings worked correctly, but wanted to expand the lines of communication that the form offered so that their agents could also send texts and register people for their app and website. Additionally, they requested to track how often the client responded back to all of the agents’ outgoing communication, and to log all of that communication inside of Infusionsoft.

The Plan

First things first – fix what’s already built. Check to see if emails were going out from the form submission, and if not, add in that automation to the campaign.

The next step – check the appointment booking connection already in place and troubleshoot if needed.

After that, build out the new messaging connections, primarily the SMS-sending and app-registering functionality. Add in additional functionality to check email and SMS replies, coupled with incoming call tracking.

Finally, add in easily-readable reporting dashboards to show the results of this fully-fleshed out communication-monitoring system.

The Result

The client was extremely pleased with the added communication the improved form allowed for their agents. They could now see track an email reply from a potential client via a dashboard widget and follow up with a text message, or if a client-specified interest in a specific property, the agent could create a login for the client for their app and book the appointment for the client to view the property, all right out of one Infusionsoft form.

The automation experts at AUTOMIZE were able to accomplish this quickly, working within the client’s quick turn-around time.