Rebrand and Brand Communications for AGECS

Percept Brand Design
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Rebrand and Brand Communications by Sydney Design Agency, Percept.

The Challenge

In need of brand communications, AGECS or the Association of Graduates in Early Childhood Studies, came to design agency, Percept, with a goal to spark the interest of a wider demographic and audience base for their membership association.

As the collateral for the AGECS brand communications was to be rolled out internally, Percept needed to create a brand tone of voice and graphic system that could be highly flexible for different applications and formats, but also be easily replicated by multiple staff members for many years to come.

The Solution

To develop best-of-breed brand communications, Percept, embarked on a holistic brand discovery session that included over ten leaders from the AGECS group to get a thorough understanding of the association, the voices and journeys that their staff embarked on.

Post brand discovery session, design agency, Percept, was able to write the story that laid the foundations of the business through emotive brand communications. The brand positioning was born based on ‘Inspiring future generations’ which nodded to not only the staff but the children’s futures whom they educated.

Percept, created a flexible graphic system that drives the brand communications. It allows the creators to choose shape, colour and messaging sets to build any content moving forward – Think Canva but with more design integrity and skill, which shines through on the end results of all their band communications.