Rebrand for Australian NDIS Provider

Percept Brand Design
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The challenge for branding agency, Percept, was to rename, reposition and rebrand this Australian organisation.

The Challenge

Identifying the need to rebrand, the team at National Ability Care was looking to take the next step to elevate beyond their competitors in the disability sector.

The challenge for branding agency, Percept, was to rename, reposition and rebrand National Ability Care as the leading life enabler for many different journeys.

The Solution

For the rebrand, Percept utilised the existing brand foundations to strategically reposition the company as one that values empathy, integrity, diversity and prosperity.

From here, Caura was born. The rebrand was inspired by the words “care” and “aura”, Percept created a personable brand identity with an ownable palette, typography system and inspiring messaging sets.

As part of the rebrand, a character-based iconography set was also designed to bring the new personality to the forefront, this was one of the main objectives of the rebrand.