Rebranding and Web Development for careNext

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Rebranding and Web Development of healthcare provider careNext


careNext is a healthcare start-up with over 25 years experience of start-up C-Suite experience in the healthcare industry. Their objective is to grow brand awareness and cause major disruption within the traditional healthcare industry. careNext was built upon and specifically designed to change healthcare from the “outside in.” Established by some of the brightest executive healthcare and clinical minds in the industry.

careNext has designed a holistic solution that links the provider and the care consumer in a way that ensures genuine mutual benefits and creates an additional dimension of value for both the consumer and the brand itself.

careNext goal is to simply change the way healthcare is approached, to create a better consumer experience for future healthcare, providing them with the tools and knowledge to be the much-needed catalyst for change.


careNext was looking for a digital partner to build their website, to highlight and display the true innovation at hand while informing visitors of the brand’s story. This approach allows users to engage with the offering, and to fully understand what makes careNext unique.

Not only did careNext need a digital partner to build their site, but they also required rebranding with a full digital transformation solution in order to drive brand awareness and consideration. This is where Aumcore stepped in to drive the evolution of careNext.

A full digital transformation project began with a brand exercise to identify an understanding of careNext, to create a vision for not only the brand but also for its consumers.

Aumcore then began creating a full digital package by redesigning the brand’s website in order to drive awareness and consideration, ensuring that the site is user and search engine-friendly while creating a seamless consumer experience.


careNext has since seen digital growth rise rapidly after its rebranding with the full digital transformation solution that was provided by Aumcore. careNext remains a partner to this day with such success already achieved with Aumcore.