Rebranding of the adidas Store in Rijeka

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One of the most appealing examples of Division 4 Vision’s work in retail, as part of our long-standing cooperation with adidas.

The Challenge

After conducting similar projects in Zagreb, Osijek and Split, it was time to renovate the adidas store in Rijeka.

Each element in the store, as well as the store as a whole, had to be designed in line with the brand’s high standards and current guidelines.

We were entrusted with store branding, which implied layout analysis, as well as the concept and detailed design of instore branding and the shop window. We also worked on the proposal and execution of local visuals in line with adidas’s global recommendations, instore communication materials, material specification and 3D material execution, the design of the lounge interior and the sitting area, the selection and purchase of furniture, and the production and assembly supervision.

In addition to all of those tasks, our other task was to come up with and perform the marketing activation for the store opening.

The Solution

The most creative part of the store renovation project was localization. Therefore, for the purpose of producing a locally-inspired creative solution, we established cooperation with the artist Pekmezmed, who helped us create original illustrations depicting symbols of Rijeka as well as the brand values.

The central character of this fluid illustration is a female figure with her hair merged with waves, surrounded by a huge crassula ovata plant, which in this context represents sustainability, as one of adidas’s principles.

The illustration also includes the image of the clock tower at Rijeka’s central street Korzo, and the two most recognizable local sports attractions: Fiumanka, the best-known regatta in Rijeka, and the famous diving platform at Kantrida.

Exhibited at a column in separate yellow frames, and combined with a 3D depiction of the common local expression “Šta da?“ (“Really?”), the visuals make a unique single illustration.

The localized shop corner is furnished with armchairs, a coffee table, a rug and plants which were also chosen (purchased and delivered) under our artistic supervision. We payed full attention to all the details of every element, so while choosing the plants we also took into consideration the fact that they had to flourish in the shop environment.

In addition to localization, the branding task implied the conceptual and detailed design for dwell spaces and fitting rooms, as well as the adjustment of global layouts to the specific environment of the given shop.

We prepared layouts and specifications for all materials. We supervised their production, conducted quality control and monitored their assembly on the spot.

Simultaneously with the branding project, we worked on the marketing activation at the store opening, which eventually took the form of a real sporting treasure hunt. Visitors of Tower Center Rijeka, which is a tall building, were challenged to, within a set time limit, find a few checkpoints scattered on various floors within the center and scan QR codes with the aim of reaching the adidas store.

After finishing the task successfully, the participants got stickers with the aforementioned original illustrations and obtained a discount. In addition to organizing the activation, we designed a microsite and a branded corner, as well as a creative solution for the online campaign.

Impossible is nothing. Šta Da? Daa! (Really? Yees!)