Redefining the Shopping Experience With Virtual Trail Rooms

Seasia Infotech
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The features of Virtual Fitting Rooms for e-Commerce designed by Seasia are unmatched and exclusive.

The Problem

The sudden outbreak of the Covid-19 affects the whole world. The E-commerce platforms faced a lot of issues during pandemic. One of the leading US Fashion Brands approached, Seasia to revamp their eCommerce strategies. The pandemic has shifted many users’ focus & the retailers towards the virtual stores instead of physical visits to the stores. By considering the recent swings of the shopping trends, the US Fashion Brands company wants to create a Virtual trial room because they faced many challenges such as loss of revenue, reduced Customer foot-fall, increased number of returns as well as decreased brand loyalty.

The Solution

Seasia is the top brand which is known for providing the top-most software solutions. The features of Virtual Fitting Rooms for e-Commerce designed by Seasia are unmatched and exclusive. The high-end professionals of Seasia make use of AR & AI technology in order to offer a unique online shopping experience to the buyers. With the help of virtual trial rooms, they can try new combinations from the shelf without physically going to the ‘brick & mortar outlets.

The client’s primary focus is to strategize their brand outreach by simply adopting the digital transformation & by using the agile forms of operation. With the creative mind of the Seasia professionals makes it possible. The virtual trial rooms designed by Seasia will not only ramp up their profitable growth but also helps to add business advantages. The skilled technical experts use their skills to the fullest and help their clients revamp their eCommerce Fashion Business.