Regaining Amazon Buy Box Eligibility

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Check out how a pet supplies brand achieved a 40% sales increase after winning a Buy Box.

The Problem

A well-known brand selling in the pet supplies category, targeting dog owners on Amazon, encountered a recurring challenge – losing Buy Box eligibility despite receiving multiple approvals. Although the eligibility criteria for featured offers were met, the brand continually faced frequent Buy Box suppression. This issue was undermining their revenue and online presence.

Our Solution

Our team conducted an in-depth account audit and uncovered several issues, including high pricing, extended handling times, and products listed in the wrong category. However, we identified two critical problems: incorrect category placement and uncompetitive pricing. We engaged with Amazon’s support teams on the following.

  1. Product Listed in the Wrong Category: The challenge was a misplacement of the product in the wrong category, hindering visibility and customer engagement. Our team carefully analyzed and relocated to the appropriate category.
  2. Incorrect Category Resulting in High Pricing Perception: The product was incorrectly high-priced due to its category placement. Our team repriced the listing after market analysis, resulting in a boost in sales.
  3. Extended Handling Time: The challenge was an extended handling time, affecting customer satisfaction and leading to negative feedback. Our experts did process optimization, streamlining, and improved shipping options to reduce handling time.
  4. Suppressed Buy Box due to A-to-Z Claims: Another reason identified by our team was that A-to-Z claims resulted in Buy Box suppression, despite a strong seller rating. Our solution encompassed proactive customer issue resolution and improved communication, ensuring a maintained Buy Box presence and consistent sales.

The Result

Through persistent efforts, the brand achieved success in the following.

    1. Avoiding buy box suppression
    2. Increased product visibility
    3. 40% of organic sales were boosted
    4. Ranking stability under the correct category was achieved
    5. Increased Brand Awareness