Reifen-Berg Online Shop

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Reifen-Berg is an online shop for wheels, tyres and car accessories. WebMeridian carried out the migration of site and extensions to Magento 2.

Reifen-Berg online shop represents tires and spare parts for cars, etc.

The goal was to migrate the site and all site extensions from Magento 1 to Magento 2.

Products, categories, attributes, images, customers, CMS pages, email templates were imported. The products upload from the off-site location with the customization module and import it to E-bay/Amazon with the M2Epro module.

Key features developed:

  1. Custom search functions – allows a customer to find a product by special tires attributes.
  2. Integration with eBay and Amazon.
  3. Upload of the products and updates for the product prices and inventory by an off-site location.
  4. Payment and tax rules for different customer groups.

Nowadays, both online shops successfully function with approximately 2,000 site visitors monthly.