Reimbursing Lost and Damaged Inventory by Amazon

Meliora Marketing
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A snapshot of how Meliora Marketing helped a cosmetics seller receive reimbursement from Amazon for lost and damaged shipments.


The Background

The client is a seller of men’s cosmetics products on Seller Central. He sells his products in the US, but his country of residence is Croatia.

The Challenge

During shipments, Amazon often lost, damaged or misplaced a great deal of its units that were sent to the client’s warehouse. Such a situation often made it difficult for sales to be be made. Amazon doesn’t reimburse sellers on their own self-initiative – in fact, it’s up to  sellers to closely monitor their shipments and identify any discrepancies.

The Solution

We went back 9 months – that’s how long Amazon allows you to file claims for any lost or damaged units to identify any missing units and money left in Amazon’s pocket.

Once we identified the missing units and shipments, we started gathering the needed documents which are typically Proof of Purchase (Invoice) and Bill of Lading (BOL). After that, we opened numerous Amazon cases to request monetary reimbursement or have Amazon find those missing units.

The Result

In a very short time, we were able to have Amazon actually find 369 misplaced units that were returned to the clients sellable inventory. The client was reimbursed $1,916.00 for all lost and damaged units.