Relaunching the Croatian National Tourist Board Website

Websolutions Agency
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Websolutions Agency worked with the Croatian National Tourist Board to migrate all content from proprietary CMS and to make it happen on Drupal 8.


The Croatian National Tourist Board is a national tourist organisation founded with the purpose of creating and promoting the identity and reputation of Croatian tourism. We worked on the planning and implementation of the common strategy, proposing and implementing promotional activities at home and abroad in the common interest of all operators in the tourism industry, and the improvement of the complete Croatian tourist offer.

The Challenge

Their existing business website was built using a proprietary content management software dating from the early 2000s. A decision was made to switch to Drupal. Websolutions Agency worked with the Croatian National Tourist Board to migrate all content and to make it happen on Drupal 8. The biggest challenge following the discovery phase was the 30-day development deadline for launching a beta version.

Why Drupal?

Drupal was chosen because it is:

  • ideally suited in situations where requirements may evolve,
  • open source, thus cutting the licensing costs,
  • supported by a large community,
  • powerful and robust – the website receives large traffic,
  • easy to integrate with external systems,
  • a trusted and proven solution.


The main goals were to:

  • migrate all existing content from a proprietary CMS to Drupal,
  • restructure the content,
  • create a better information architecture,
  • improve on UX and design,
  • improve on responsive design / mobile-first design,
  • complete the beta version in 30 days.


An initial discovery phase was conducted to confirm the project requirements and goals, and to agree upon the objectives, scope and budget ranges of the project. The resulting documentation was later fed into the UX and design of preliminary wireframes.

Information Architecture

After reviewing the existing information architecture, Websolutions Agency worked on the new, optimised one.

UX and Design

Focused on creating more intuitive user experiences, Websolutions Agency used some of the best practices when creating a modern, mobile-first design that works on any device regardless of screen size. Because of inadequately structured content that needed to be regrouped in different sections, a decision was made to make use of Paragraphs module.


Full data migration of all the existing website data and functionalities from a proprietary CMS platform was a requirement (reverse engineering) and a custom migration module was written. However, not all content could be automatically migrated due to the fact that the existing content was unstructured and inconsistent. A lot of manual editing needed to be done.


Beta version of Croatian National Tourist Board was relaunched on the 31 December 2016. The project was finished by the end of January 2017.

Key Modules, Theme and Distribution

  • Paragraphs provides the most suitable way for merging differently structured content that needed to be migrated from the old website.
  • PDF to ImageField D8 – a custom module that provides automatic conversion of uploaded PDF files to images. It was used for the creation of image thumbnails from cover pages of PDF files.
  • Webform provides the ability to make a large number of customised surveys for end-users to fill out for which Webform was a more suitable solution than creating content types and using CCK or Field module
  • Webform Views Integration – a custom module for exposing Webform submissions to views.
  • We also created a custom module for migration from proprietary CMS to Drupal 8