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Resco Next – Enterprise Mobility Event of the Year

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Resco approached us with a request to create attractive brand identity, visuality and the production of all materials for the resco.next conference.

About the Client

The Resco company approached us with a request to create attractive visuality and ensure the production of all materials for the resco.next conference.

Resco.next is a technology conference organized by IT company Resco. It annually connects partners, customers, influencers and Resco experts, who collectively explore new functionality of the Resco CRM platform, learn to uncover business opportunities and build relationships with software leaders such as Microsoft and Salesforce.

An Innovative Brand Identity & Communication

When designing visuality for the resco.next conference, we did not allow any space for classic design elements. On the contrary, they were replaced by bold typography and color, which forms the basis of the logo and the entire visual identity. The logo is made up of both extended and condensed variations of the Nimbus Sans D OT font family, which fuels it with the necessary dynamics and uniqueness. Moreover, the conference venue, which the participants always associate with specific experiences, is highlighted and placed at the bottom of the logotype so that it can be altered and customized in the future according to the needs of another unique destination.

Geometric Shapes and Bold Lines

Although the conference visuality is highly variable, an experienced eye will notice the clear design system – a visual shortcut. Each participating group was assigned a specific geometric shape, which is readable on all communication touchpoints and accompanies the group across various marketing tools. Graphic elements are always tuned in a unified spirit, respecting different forms of use.

A Positively Tuned Tonality

Technologies are dynamic, ever-changing and they adapt to the ways we use them. This is one of the reasons why we selected colors for the resco.next conference based on positive, dynamic colors, especially yellow, red and purple, complemented by cooler dark blue, which slightly grounds the entire color palette.

A Modern and Dynamic Typography

When it comes to typography, our designers remained slightly more free than usual, as both the conference and its entire communication are in English, thus not limiting them to fonts with a wide range of specific diacritical marks. The basic communication font is identical to the font used in the logotype.

A Redefined Classic Design

As the conference logo is typographic, the overall visuality had to be sufficiently distinctive in itself. Classic geometric shapes, especially a right triangle, square, rectangle and circle have become its main motives. To increase the design variability, we have filled out some of these shapes with regular lines that lighten up the design.

Video Production

In addition to the overall visuality, website programming, and online campaign, we have also produced several videos for the resco.next 2019 conference. The teaser video, an invitation from the employees and management of Resco as well as the captivating after-movie and presentation recordings are coordinated in uniform tonality and complemented with animations based on the set visual identity. These apparently small details helped us unify all the outputs and give them a clear, consistent character. The photographs of the entire event were provided by a very talented photographer, Matej Kmeť.

Meeting at the Right Address

For the needs of the conference, we have created an informational, clearly structured website with stylish elements that do not disrupt, but rather promote its transparency. It communicates all the necessary messages, challenges and other information supplements. Almost completely desaturated photographs bring stability and tranquility into the visuality, allowing the colors and modern graphic elements to stand out.