Restaurant Business Automation Software with Mobile App

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To automate business processes is to increase efficiency and profitability. Automation should lead to reduced time and increase customer satisfaction.

A restaurant business needs proper planning of the whole process; from taking orders by the waiter, cooking and serving the orders to customers. With GST being implemented in India, billing becomes complicated.

Problem Definition

  • There are hundreds of orders being handled by a restaurant during peak hours.
  • Handling these multiple orders becomes stressful for a restaurant manager. If orders are not delivered on time, it can lead to customer dissatisfaction.
  • Everything in a restaurant business has to be handled manually, which leads to less time to focus on food and service quality.
  • All the reports are calculated manually which have the chances of wrong calculated results.

Problem Statement

The restaurant needed to automate the business process and to increase efficiency and profitability. This automation should lead to reduced time and increased customer satisfaction.

Proposed Solution

As per the restaurant owner’s needs, as mentioned in the problem statement, we have proposed and developed the following business automation solutions to their problems.

Super Admin Dashboard

This dashboard will have the highest privileges amongst other users and usually will be handled by owner of the Restaurant. Super admin can even access staff module where he can add designations and respective employees.

Admin Dashboard

  • This admin panel will be handled by the restaurant manager and he/she can have access to all modules except the staff module.
  • This account also has access to the admin module where they can add/edit the tables and menu items.

Receptionist Dashboard

  • This dashboard will help the receptionist to organize all the orders. The dashboard has a compact view that shows all the orders with its billing details.
  • The receptionist can take new orders and do the billing by using the orders module. Table management becomes easy as we show the open tables with their details in one view.
  • This dashboard also gives access to the customer module.

Stock Manager App

A specialized app has been designed for a stock manager, which helps to enter new stock entries, stock release and keep track of inventory.

Waiter App

The most attractive part of this software is the waiter app. With this app, the waiter can make a better first impression on a customer. The waiter can take orders from this app. This app can even be installed on a tablet that can be directly taken to the customer table.

 Customer Relationship Module

  • Customer details can be saved in a customer database where this software can keep track of their total bill value during their multiple visits.
  • This helps to bill the customer with their name and give them discounts.

Inventory Module

The inventory of raw material can be easily managed as this software keeps track of every stock entry and stock release. A list of suppliers for this raw material is also managed from this module.

Reporting Module

  • One can easily generate several reports using this software. Making these reports needs lots of calculations.
  • With Resto, you can generate reports in one click.
  • Reports include daily reports, date-wise reports, session-wise reports, and menu wise-reports.

Coupons Module

The coupons module helps to add/delete coupons so that customers can be offered with discounts while billing.

Accounting Module

The accounting module can be used for expense management of a restaurant. One can generate a profit-loss statement for a day if given the special username and password.

Technology Used

Angular 2, Codeigniter PHP, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, MySQL

Why Resto is Best?

  • Multi-user capabilities: Developed for 5 users: Superadmin, Admin, Receptionist, Waiter, and Stock manager by giving module-wise access rights.
  • Online/offline usage: The Internet is not a problem with this software. One can even use it in offline mode in case of internet un-availability.
  • User-friendly: Software can be used by anyone with basic knowledge of computers and the restaurant business. So the training cost is absolutely zero. Handling orders and billing for them is much easy.


  • This business automation process saves much of the restaurant personnel’s time. Additionally the stress of the person handling the business is reduced to minimum.
  • Using software makes a tech impression on customers and the software is user-friendly, which eliminates the software training cost.

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