Restaurant Success with Digital Marketing Prowess

Wire- Digital Multimedia Marketing
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Wire Digital Multimedia Marketing began working with a restaurant to turn around the client’s flagging fortunes.

The Challenge

Wire Digital Multimedia Marketing began working with the client in mid-2021, during the Covid pandemic, which made the client suffer greatly. The restaurant had waning sales and the owners were worried, so we decided to make an effort to increase their sales.

The Solution

To begin, we realized that we had to raise awareness of the restaurant. The restaurant was a beautiful place and offered great food but not a lot of people knew about it, so we made a video about it.

We realized that 82% of our target market was using Facebook and Instagram, so we used these two platforms as our main platforms for promotion and used strategic media buying to promote our video as a mother campaign followed up by food posts and interior posts. The video became one of the most popular videos in Dhaka for a week and garnered over 550k views, along with around 10k engagements and over 150 shares.

The Result

Through these efforts, we were able to increase sales by 323% within the first two months, and during festive seasons we made sure to promote our video, along with photos of the interior and food, as much as possible. As a result, the client now enjoys 400% more sales on average compared to previous times.