Rethinking Personalization for a Glassware Store

Elogic Commerce
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Migrating a Swiss glass producer from WordPress to Magento Commerce Cloud and expanding website functionality.

Glassmania is a Swiss glassware brand that delivers a unique glass experience by allowing the customers to customize any glass product — from wine glasses to food containers.

To bring this delight to the global market, the brand needed to migrate to a stable, scalable ecommerce platform that will secure the speed and flexibility of integrations. And they found right what they were looking for — Adobe Commerce.

Services provided by Elogic:

  • Replatforming from WordPress to Adobe Commerce Cloud
  • Custom design implementation
  • Magic ERP integration
  • Third-party app integrations
  • SEO optimization
  • Custom feature development

Technologies: Magento, AWS, Magic ERP, Datatrans, Google Merchant Center, Google Tag Manager, justSelling, Mageplaza, Swiss Post, Profity


In only six months, Glassmania has changed its website look, made the process of glass customization more intuitive, and optimized the store for future growth. In fact, the changes have made the company consider selling B2B and expanding internationally. Glassmania operates in eight countries across Europe now!