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Revamping a Pizzeria Into an Italian Restaurant

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paradiso restaurant web design

Our actions and strategy increased our client’s conversion rate by 129.31%!

About the Client

Paradiso Restaurant and Pizzeria is an authentic Italian restaurant specializing in premium pasta dishes and hand-tossed pizzas. This restaurant has also received several awards — such as “Orlando’s Best Pizza” from 2016 up to 2019.

The Challenge

Many of the locals are well-aware of the delicious menu that Paradiso Restaurant and Pizzeria has to offer. However, with their outdated website and appalling online presence, Paradiso’s conversion rate is on a steady decline.

Our Digital Solutions

Our first approach was to modernize Paradiso’s website and make it interactive.

We have reworked every element of the website — from aesthetics to content. The aim was to make the site look and feel trustworthy.

This action made the visitors become more comfortable, which dropped the website’s bounce rate significantly.

Our second approach was to increase the conversion rate.

We were able to do that by using mouth-watering images paired with exceptional copywriting and strategic call-to-action placements.

Moreover, we designed every page with the customers in mind. We placed several buttons that would allow them to contact Paradiso immediately, providing better overall convenience.

To increase Paradiso’s reach, we implemented foolproof SEO strategies on their website, increased engagement on their social channels, used paid ads to boost page and post clicks, and initiated email and SMS campaigns.

We even placed our ads on Waze, a top GPS navigation software app, to allure hungry people on wheels.

Our third approach was to enhance the online presence of Paradiso.

We were able to boost not only customer acquisition but also brand awareness. Through its social media accounts and Google Ads, we promoted and advertised their Dining and Delivery specials along with meal bundle promos that run all year round.

Paradiso restaurant web design - before and after

The Outcome

Paradiso Restaurant and Pizzeria is now visible on the first page of Google’s SERP (Search Engine Results Pages). It ranks high for key phrases such as “Orlando hand-tossed pizza” and “Best hand-tossed pizza Orlando.”

Apart from getting organic traffic from search engines, we have also managed to:

  • Increase Impressions to (+84.81%)
  • Increase Clicks to (+124.17%)
  • Increase Conversion Rate to (+129.31%)

We also had great results from our Waze ads. It provided us with around 1,000 unique impressions per day, increasing Paradiso’s take-outs significantly.