Rio 2016 Olympic Brand

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The mission of expressing through a single symbol the encounter of the Carioca soul with the Olympic Games.

About the Project

Picture the challenge of having to design a brand for 7.5 billion people. One single symbol that conveys the encounter between the Olympic Spirit and our city’s soul. We didn’t have a single target; our target was the entire world.

The Challenge

Picture the dream project. The most valuable non-commercial brand in the world. The most complex visual identity system of the planet. And the mission of expressing through a single symbol the encounter of the Carioca soul with the Olympic Games. A brand that had to express unity, inspire achievement and optimism. One that would impact millions around the world. And also respond to 12 attributes in a rather challenging brief:

  • Be innovative
  • Reflect the local culture
  • Non-cliché
  • In-tune with the Olympic Values
  • Inspire and touch multiple audiences
  • Be dynamic
  • Be joyful
  • Express the Brazilian passion when celebrating
  • Express the Carioca way of living and entertaining
  • Be universal
  • Add value
  • Be relevant in 2016

A project so grand and coveted that it gathered 139 agencies competing in the largest pitch process in the Brazilian design market: the creation of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games™.


Beyond simple form, we ultimately had to design strategy. We had to dive deep into the universe of past editions; investigate our own soul; and define a brand essence and purpose that delineated a singular and differentiated territory, ensuring not only the uniqueness of the design but also the richness of the concepts and their alignment with all brand expressions.

A group of over 100 strategists, designers, copywriters collectively shared and built upon the best references and ideas in a collaborative creative process.

The result is a truly human brand, one that conveys a mix of ethnicities, athletes and cultures. A brand that embraces and celebrates with passion. A form that reveals the Sugarloaf and reflects the exuberant nature of both the city and the Carioca. A sculpture-brand, infinite, and three-dimensional that acquires texture, takes shape and becomes an object to be experienced. It’s the first-ever three-dimensional brand of the Olympic Games. It’s a call and inspiration to Rio and the world.


The brand with the highest appraisal in all the history of the Games. On the launch date alone there were over 25 thousand social media mentions and television broadcast to over 50 countries.

We developed strategic tools that guided the work done by other partners and helped manage the brand and its alignment across all brand expressions. The result is a powerful and consistent brand. A LIVE BRAND, that has continued relevance across audiences and time.