Rio 2016 Paralympic Brand

Tátil Design
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Branding for universal design.


Following the win in 2010 of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games™ pitch, Tátil was invited to design the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games™ brand. Our challenge was to extend the three-dimensional concept to a brand that expressed Passion and Transformation while also conveying the values behind the Paralympic Movement – courage, determination, inspiration and equality – and materializing its motto: “Spirit in Motion.”


We started with a deep dive investigation into the Paralympic universe in order to design the strategic tools that would guide the project. We spoke to athletes, their families, teammates, and noticed that above all else the energy they had when describing their life stories was infectious and inspiring; a powerful insight into their unparalleled ability to overcome barriers, the spark for the first creative ideas. Instead of focusing on performance, we aimed for a symbol that conveyed their relentless energy, that was immediately relatable, intuitive and inspiring. An emblem that combined universal codes with positive associations, thus celebrating the principles of universal design.

The Rio 2016™ Paralympic Games brand is the emblem for the contagious energy of this transforming event, and its spiral form thrills and inspires. It is a three-dimensional representation of the determination intrinsic to the Paralympic spirit. A heart that beats with infinite energy, that makes us even more human and that brings us all closer together, reinforcing the notion that on the inside we are all equal.

A multisensory brand, with shapes, sounds and textures that together enable any athlete or person to experience it.


Unanimously approved by the Judging Committee, the Paralympic Games brand triggers powerful connections with athletes and people when it is experienced. In 2016, not only will the brand visually feature in products and campaigns promoting the event, it will also be broadcasted to the world.