Roman’s Pizza eCommerce Website

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Roman’s is South Africa’s busiest pizza chain but they were the only one of their competitors without any online ordering system. We changed that.

One of the last of their competitors to offer any kind of online ordering, it was important that Roman’s site leapfrogged those competitors. The system design had to manage high-volume sales – on a busy Friday night, a larger Roman’s store regularly sells over 2,000 pizzas in three hours. As Roman’s aims to double its store footprint in the next two years, it was critical to management that they invested in a system that can scale with their business.

Our Areas of Expertise

  • Strategy & data
  • Customer experience/persona strategy
  • Brand & campaign
  • Software engineering


To ensure the minimal disruption to existing operating systems, BNRY integrated the site with the AURA point-of-sale (POS) system used in all Roman’s stores.

We included stock management functionality on a store-by-store basis for each of the 240 existing stores. This was a complex requirement as our system had to break down each pizza into its ingredients, so we can track which pizza to make unavailable if a single ingredient is out of stock. But now, if a store in Johannesburg runs out of olives, the five pizzas containing olives on their menu are immediately made unavailable for online orders.

While a brand refresh was not part of our scope, we still applied the Roman’s CI in a way that was fresh, modern and desirable.

Following the successful delivery of this site, Roman’s has appointed BNRY to design and develop a bespoke POS system to assist Roman’s deliver better customer experience and unify data gathered from their 240 existing stores, incorporating their expanded store footprint in future.