Rotestar Language Learning App Development

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We developed an android and iOS app called RoteStar, a language learning framework that helps users build vocabulary and perfect pronunciation fast.


Our client had been using language learning apps alongside his traditional language classes to assist him in developing his vocabulary when he realised he could create something better.

It was from this realisation that he decided to develop the concept of RoteStar, a language learning framework that helps users build vocabulary and perfect pronunciation fast.

Our client produced a clear vision and a well-researched product and came to us to bring it to life as a product.

RoteStar is an iOS and Android app that delivers high-quality language learning content through a number of different methods including Audio & Recording playback, Quiz, Flashcards, and lists, and across a number of different languages including Spanish, Portuguese, French and German.


In order to achieve success in the app store RoteStar had two key aims:

Develop a high-quality product that could stand up against the already established language learning apps. This would be achieved through both the quality of the content provided, and the methods in which they are delivered.

Create a flexible, modular framework that will allow for the rapid delivery of language variations. This would allow for greater saturation of the market as well as assisting with cross-promoting and giving the RoteStar brand more substance. There are currently 14 versions across two platforms (iOS, Android) scheduled for development.


The critical first step was to take the complexity out of the overall interaction with the content. RoteStar delivers a large volume of content with over 2000 words and phrases per language, as well as a comprehensive breakdown of the structure of the language in its reading components.

Each of the languages is divided into categories and subcategories, meaning users might be drilling 4 levels deep before they can start interacting with the tools, for example:


It was important that we could balance the ability to deliver in-depth content, whilst not losing users in the experience of using the app.

There were a number of methods we employed here, beginning with sketching out the wireframes and then taking these digital to pare back the on-screen content to only what was necessary.  Learning a language can be frustrating at the best of times so we needed to ensure the app was as simple as possible to jump in and start.

We implemented a ‘breadcrumb’ into the UI so as users began diving into the content, they never feel lost, and by building a structure that was used throughout the key operating modes we could deliver a consistent user experience throughout the whole app.

RoteStar also went through a number of weeks of private testing to ensure we weren’t making incorrect assumptions on behalf of the userbase. Through this testing process, we were able to confirm many things and adjust others to ensure the product would be well received from the general public on release.

On the development side, we needed to produce the app in such a way  that was going to allow for easy collaboration between us and the client to:

  1. Build the framework to allow for rapid delivery of new language versions
  2. Fast ways to alter app icons and colors within the app.
  3. Deliver the essentials ‘bones’ of the app such as the Database scheme for word lists, the structure of the reading components and naming conventions for the audio so on the client-side all of the new content could be put together with minimal re-work and be able to be ‘dropped in’ the framework and work without fuss.


Outside of the development of the apps, we worked with the client to develop a marketing strategy for promotion of the app.

This included the development of graphic resources, press kits and a website, as well as assistance with App Store Optimisation.

RoteStar has been very well received on release with a number of 5-star reviews and excellent feedback from customers, we are very proud of the results and watch in anticipation as it continues to grow in downloads and provide a great tool for language learning.

With the app framework now established we are also working on the next two languages meaning RoteStar will have released 8 apps in a two month period with many more to come!