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Image of black and red runon logo displayed on smartphone template on yellow background

RunOn is an interesting application in that most of the time when it is used our user would not actually look at the app.

About the Project

The goal of RunOn is to make running fun and interesting. The client wanted to engage runners by streaming stories which plot is tied to the heartbeat of the user.

Main Challenge(s)

The biggest challenge for the project was sending users’ heart rate to the app and making sure it will influence the storyline.

The goal of the application was to introduce stories in a colorful format and make the interface be easy to use on the go. This called for a minimalistic UI with a focus on the content.

Agency Solution(s)

RunOn consists of cards that represent different stories. A user can initiate a running story with just two steps:

  1. Find a story
  2. Tap on the start button and start running!

The icon for RunOn represents its name and plays with the idea of pressing the “ON” button to start running.

Minimalistic interface calls for similar fonts. That’s why we went with Apple’s San Francisco font.


We’ve connected Apple Watch heartrate monitor to the app to have live heart rate data. This, in turn, we’ve connected to our storyline database and allowed next part of the storyline to be chosen by the heart rate range.