RWK: Debt Collection Management

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RWK is a debt collection agency/law office in Bronx, NY specializing in tenant-landlord debt collections as well as other debt collection cases.

The Problem

Since the firm was founded in the 70s- a lot of the business processes have stayed the same as they were back then. Here are some of the problem areas:

Paperwork: Debt collection process is quite complex and multifaceted that involves A LOT of paperwork, legal notices, subpoenas, court filing, and court proceeding documents, etc and the RWK team has been doing ALL THIS by hand! Hundreds upon hundreds of papers every week – all filled out/written/printed manually! Needless to say, this has stifled the growth of the firm. Plus all this paperwork required a significant amount of physical storage.

Case Management & Workflow: With 20-30 debt collection case open all at the same time- it was hard to tell what status the case A, B or C was at, what legal notice has been filed, has to be filed or even how much money was collected from case X, Y or Z.


CodeBright have built a web-based software application (accessible from any device connected to the internet) that helps to:

  • Manage the collection process from the beginning to the end
  • Each collection case is broken down into milestones/stages and everyone in the team now knows
    • Where each case is at
    • The debt details
    • What’s the next step that a particular team member needs to take in order to move the case forward (the app guides the team through the entire collection process step by step).
    • Anyone can see the background/history of each case.
  • Digitized records- a significant reduction in paper volume. All necessary documents are backed up in the cloud.
  • Automated document generation using mail-merge

Services Provided

  • Wireframes/Mockups
  • Graphic UI/UX Design
  • Blueprinting/Compiling the Scope of Work
  • Development
  • Testing & Quality Assurance
  • App Store Publishing
  • On-Going Maintenance and Technical Support