SaaS Platform for Tikurilla’s Distribution Network

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We developed a SaaS platform for one of Europe’s biggest and oldest paint and lacquer manufacturers.

Key distributors with high standards and a proven track record are given the opportunity to launch, with Tikkurila, a Color Studio store. These stores represent a significant sales channel for Tikkurila.


Initially, each distributor was responsible for the website of their Color Studio. Websites were not standardized, and Tikkurila had no control over the quality and content of these websites, if they even existed.

Project Objectives

The key objective was the creation of a single toolkit for launching new Color Studio websites. A further consideration was the ever-increasing number of Tikkurila distributors.


Our proposed solution was a SaaS platform that would allow for the standardization of all websites while preserving the uniqueness of each Color Studio, and in addition, give Tikkurila the ability to control all stores through one “window”.

Solutions: Design

A Saas is a complex system, so designing a user website for distributors was just the tip of the iceberg.


A fundamental component was the design of the distributor’s personal account and Tikkurila’s administrative panel, through which Tikkurila could manage common content for all websites.


The project concept is the first step in the design stage. We developed the general style of the project, including colors, fonts, and graphics.

We thoroughly consider every small detail of the system, taking into account the needs of users, implementation, and future changes.


In the development stage, we chose the technologies that fit the project best. An important aspect was the ability of the system to grow as the network of distributors grew.

Simplified website launch for distributors

Distributors are able to create a full-fledged website (including a product catalog) with just a couple of clicks and without using their own resources to develop and support the website. Flexible settings for advanced users are included in the system.

Using your own domain or system subdomain

To launch the website, the distributor can connect to the domain, customize the settings, and apply for a unique subdomain under *

SEO management and flexible settings

The user can configure all meta tags on the web pages, configure 301 redirects to save positions in the search results while using the current domain, use a www access scheme, connect analytics counters, and fix other settings for advanced users.

Full control over the content of all websites

Tikkurila’s administrator independently controls all key content on the distributor’s website, from the catalog to federal shares. At the same time, Tikkurila can also correct a distributor’s content errors without direct access to their personal account.

Product parameter designer

The system is designed for a flexible configuration of output information about products, as well as for the creation of filters to adjust the interface to accommodate popular search scripts.