Sail Croatia

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Sail Croatia is a family-owned business specializing in cruises around the stunning coastline of Croatia.


The founder of Sail Croatia came to Rubyroid Labs with the challenge to create modern CRM system, which would help to release the time staff members were investing into tasks which could be automated, thus allowing them to provide customers with a higher quality end to end experience.


Sail Croatia is the travel service with more than 13.000 visitors per month, so employees could not process all the orders manually. That’s why it was decided to create a modern CRM system, where most of the processes can be automated. System includes:

  • Tour booking management
  • Reservation status information and management
  • Boat allocation
  • Reports section
  • Customers management section
  • Email services integration

The main problem of development was lots of unmaintainable legacy code in the application that was received from the previous vendor. So, our developers decided to use patterns that allow to isolate and broke down old code into small pieces and refactor it to acceptable, clean code. Sail Croatia now have an app PCI compliant with Stripe SDKs, and integration of Xero for accounting is in the process.


Today, Sail Croatia is the market leader in the Croatian tourism market. New CRM system helped the company increase the performance significantly, thanks to automation processes. Fresh, adoptive and user-friendly design helped Sail Croatia’s staff to start work with the system right off the bat. Nowadays we continue to support Sail Croatia project discussing and implementing future improvements and design changes.