Sales Automation for a Telecom Company

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System for automating sales in telecommunications.


The client turned to IntexSoft to automate sales for telecommunications companies.

Initially, the client did not have an exact project concept but a business idea. They were looking for professionals to bring their business to the next level.

As a result, the IntexSoft team came up with the idea of developing a system from scratch using the created framework for the client’s points of sale with the ability to issue SIM cards and bank cards.


The development process started with writing the specification and preparing solutions. The basis was the HJ Framework developed by the client’s company.

We deployed all services in the Kubernetes cluster. The basis of services was formed according to the HJ Framework specification. The services were written in Java.

The system for issuing SIM cards was our MVP (Minimum Viable Product) the IntexSoft team worked on.

We developed the back-end for the app that automated the entire path from attracting a client to their registration. The product is a catalog of available products.

This application has the function of reading QR codes. The function is necessary when the client makes an order at one point of sale and picks up the SIM card in another office.

The application supports several types of documents that can be used to issue a SIM card. When issuing a SIM-card, a bank card is made for the client, which is printed at the department of the operator.

We developed a feature that allowed multiple employees to work with a single client to distribute roles at different stages. The system recorded all operations for each step of this process. It was necessary to set up logging correctly to understand when, where, and what employee registered the customer.

Tech Stack

Lua, React, Java, Spring Boot, Grafana, Consul, Prometheus, Kibana, Kafka, Camunda, RabbitMQ