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SAP Education, a world leader in IT training. It trains more than 30,0000 learners each year with global consistency and quality across 40 countries.


Despite the significant efficiencies gained with XML, in 2009, SAP still needed new tools powerful and elegant enough to manage the transformation of roughly 200 traditional education courses into almost 20 000 different, smaller “chunks” of dynamic learning content to be delivered in multiple formats, nine different languages and customizable to any client brand.


Time-saving features include automatic link validation, metadata synchronization, and automatic categorization. As SAP manager in charge of the project noted that they expect to significantly reduce the time writers spend on preparing documents for production and focus far more time on content development. Componize/*instinctools own benchmarks demonstrate publishing at 10 to 15 times faster than traditional pipeline implementations.


The Sap team expects to be producing more and different kinds of content in more channels to more target groups. The system can handle 20 000 chunks of content, used and reused in potentially dozens of contexts. In nine different languages and customizable to thousands of customers’ specifications.