Saving Apple

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In the 90s’ Apple was struggling to stay afloat but continued to launch products and position itself as an innovator.

In the 90s’ Apple was struggling to stay afloat but continued to launch products and position itself as an innovator to specific market segments which included education, creative and design services, and entertainment.

A focus on improved design along with the PowerPC alliance was deployed to position Apple to compete with PCs and remain relevant, to customers and particularly to developers.


However, because of very tight budgets, Apple was constrained in how it could deliver the MacOS8 and Powerbooks stories. For its launch event attended by press and analysts, simple staging reminiscent of staging for an art gallery was used to showcase the products. Visual blurring was used in the wall backdrops of the products to portray animation and highspeed motion, to save costs of developing a high-quality video.


Apple further installed an exhibit at Disney Epcot Innoventions and worked with Disney’s Imagineering team to develop set design visuals and kiosk animations for visitors.


I was involved in crafting Apple’s US Tradeshow Strategy and installed and managed tradeshows for Apple at COMDEX, Macworld/SF, Macworld Chicago, MacWorld Boston and PC Expo.


Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conferences (WWDC) are the flagship conferences for Apple to reach out, connect and manage relationships with its developers. For 5 years, I managed WWDC from marketing and production perspectives.

Activities including thematic development, staging, lighting and sound, audio-visual, speaker support, agenda design and track management (over 8 tracks with 200 speaker sessions), shipping and drayage, as well as partners and sponsorships. Event management included staging and setup, technology management, live on-site support and tear-down.

WWDC drew 5000+ attendees (paid developers), was fully funded by sponsorships ($2 million USD) and generated press from over 500 press, media and analysts during these conferences.

These efforts allowed Apple to avoid bankruptcy regain its footing, leverage the evangelism and loyalty of its customers and developers and further innovate whereupon Steve Jobs returned to Apple.