Savvy Aviation Apps

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Savvy Aviation provides professional maintenance management, consulting, prebuy, breakdown assistance, and analysis for aviation airplanes.

About the Project

The customer had a product originally written in Joomla which was later refactored in Python by another team. The heart of the solution is a complex ticketing system, involving a customer who wants to fix their plane, a maintenance team, and Savvy Aviation itself, as their analytics help estimate efforts of the maintenance team and understand whether they are proper and accurate.

The product initially consisted of two web apps. The first app covered the plane pre-sales process. They assist potential buyers to choose an airplane according to their preferences and experience. The service includes searching for an actual plane, maintenance, and repairs, searching for spare parts as well as breakdown assistance. The second app collected info from the airplane telemetry monitors and allowed its interpretation, including advice from the company experts.

The Challenge

The client wanted to merge these standalone products into a unified solution to ease the support as well as further improve and develop it. One of the challenges was the speed of development and implementation. We had to quickly investigate everything and immediately start the actual implementation.

The Solution

We proceeded with the merge, fixing critical issues found along the way. As a result, the customer receives a single unified solution with all features in one place.