SBB Agility CheckPoint

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In bigger corporations, digitalization is crucial in any business area, as well as human resources.

Self-organized teams and collaboration without managers are becoming more and more important in today’s businesses. In this context, SBB developed an MS Excel survey tool with recommendations that show the prerequisites to how far agile methods or self-organization can be introduced in a beneficial way in one’s own team.

The survey tool aroused great interest and thus the requirements increased which were no longer covered with the previous Excel. A web application, on the other hand, allows the implementation of complex sets of rules, which are particularly necessary for team evaluations. From the user’s perspective, it allows more freedom, as the two-stage questionnaire can be used on a desktop, laptop or mobile device.

  • Backend for collecting questions and answers
  • Multilingual with language recording in the backend
  • Set of rules for generating the evaluations
  • Several individual and team surveys per person
  • Presentation of the results in a spider-diagram
  • Evaluations in real-time on the website and as PDF-download
  • Two-stage questionnaire and recommendations
  • Different roles: team-organizer and members
  • Reminder functionality
  • Dashboard for managing your own teams and evaluations