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School Try – Organize, Engage, and Transform

The Concept

The traditional classrooms are a thing of the past, the digital revolutions have taken over now. School Try is conceptualized with the aim to make education accessible to all. The web-based information portals for schools to manage different activities like – document management, leaves, grade, attendance, check management, mark assessments, and creating a fluid communication structure is what School Try is all about.

Powered Education Systems With Unified Solutions


Client’s Vision

 His powerful idea was backed by our powerful solutions.

Ismail’s vision was to power education systems with advanced digital solutions. He wanted to start web-based information portals for schools across Nigeria and establish a unified classroom platform. We assisted our client on the project and provided robust web and mobile solutions to power School Try’s theme.


 Technology Stack

 WordPress, Laravel, Flutter


How Softuvo Helped In Achieving Client Goals?

We welcome our client’s thoughts and provide them with the best solutions only. We believe in a full-proof plan and focus on creating one for our clients.

Here is how Softuvo helped in achieving client goals.



School Try aimed to cover everyone involved in the school system and transform their experiences. Our creative team of developers and designers illustrated an interactive layout that supports both web and mobile platforms. From start to beginning, we curated an action plan keeping in mind the client’s goal, target audience, and possible outcomes.


Agile Methodology

School Try is a huge project that covers different spectrums of the education system. Our bona fide team of professionals follows an agile methodology. We cut big developing tasks into subtasks and divide them among our dedicated team. We don’t believe in rush work, we believe in quality work only.



The client wanted a simple user interface that covers easy-to-go features. We designed a one-size-fits-all model for schools that covers not only the school admins but also students, teachers, and parents.



The development step was quite intriguing as we incorporated advanced developing techniques and the latest technology stack. School Try is powered by the trio combination of WordPress, Laravel, and Flutter. We successfully developed robust web and mobile app solutions.



Our dedicated team worked in full-swing while developing the project. The quality assurance and the testing team left no room for errors and compromises that could have stepped in the way of School Try success. Our tried and tested products were the base for enhanced user experience and bug-free flow of apps.


Timely Deliveries

With our dedication and hard work, we helped our client to meet his goals before the estimated time. We successfully delivered web and mobile applications right on time and contented our client.


Key Challenges We Faced


No project comes free of challenges! New things welcome new challenges and there were quite a few in School Try as well.

Our client Ismail wanted intuitive portals with powerful features for schools that cover the admin, parents, teachers, and students.


Implementation Of Complex Features

Yes, we have done several projects where the client demands dozens of features integration, but not every project is the same. The client wanted to create a supreme backend admin panel that gets full access to all school whereabouts. He wanted an app for parents, teachers, and students to manage all school activities and stay updated.


Streamlining Content

The main purpose of School Try is to provide a seamless platform to manage school activities. There was no direct way to streamline the data and we had a lot of data to configure. We incorporated smart techniques and streamlined the content for school admins, parents, teachers, and students.


Project Timelines

Ismail was excited to see his live project. Although there were no time restrictions by his side, we ensured to deliver the project on time. It was not easy to make things work in such a short span, but we did our best to provide him with exceptional services.

Challenges will come and go, but the client relationship is here to stay! Softuvo overcame all the challenges and provided him with seamless services throughout.


The Result

We fulfilled our client’s dream with flying colors.

By overcoming all the challenges, we successfully delivered the project and achieved client goals. From design to development, and implementation, our team did amazingly well throughout.


Our Final Products


Android app-

iOS app-


Softuvo doesn’t believe in fake promises, we assure guaranteed results.

That is why we are loved by our clients.