Scientific Website and Logo Design

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The Three Days scientific cyberpunk website and logo design.

Above & beyond: The Three Days scientific cyberpunk website and logo design.

Everything is possible when there is a will and knowledge to do it!

But please, don’t try this at home 😊

You might have expected this sentence to appear at the end of the success story, but if you continue to read this short but believe it, a very intensive one, you will certainly understand why we decided to put this sentence on the top.

So, it was one sunny day in late December when we received a dramatic phone call. A scientists team from Medicine College in Zagreb, Neuroscience department, organized one crucial international conference about Neuroelectronics. They needed the whole website and logo design to be done in 3 days.

How did we do it?

Honestly, we don’t quite remember every detail because the process that usually lasts for 3 or 4 weeks minimum was pushed in those 3 days!

Actually, it was a victory of the predefined department and team member roles, responsibilities and internal processes as well.

Our project management team did a tremendous job ensuring every last piece of the client’s brief is 100% punctual and content to be delivered in development and design teams and served as a filter through which went the whole communication ensuring developers can focus solely on development.

It was crucial to define every last detail with the client because we didn’t have any possibility to make even an ultra-tiny correction of anything. Remember, we had only three days to launch the web!

And what to say about our development and design team?

They literally did a heroic job! They worked non-stop for those three days and nailed it!

So after the PM team’s 300 phone calls, 3000 emails and 30000 Slack messages, the development team’s 300 warp speed coordination meetings, 3000 lines of code and 30000 Slack messages and the design team’s 300 “we need more time for the creative process” emails, 3000 design iterations and 30000 Slack messages in three days, Blueprint produced this website design.

We ensured that our scientists are happy and contented with CyberPunk design, that every conference participant was signed in correctly for the event, and that server endured a sudden strike of hundreds of new visits.

The result?

The whole scientific community now wants that kind of design with similar functionalities 😊

We said no problem but with a normal deadline next time.

We really don’t want this three days business anymore! 😊

“Blueprint guys somehow managed to develop and design the whole web for us in three days! Now we are constantly getting inquiries about who did our web and can we recommend them. And believe me, we recommend Blueprint!“