SEI Healthcare

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SEI Healthcare facilitates medical quiz assessment with data-driven analytics.

About the Project

SEI Healthcare is a web application consisting of a real-time visualization dashboard that showcases user interaction across various medical quizzes. The quizzes take place over time and consist of different questions. The users can select between different answers for each question.

The Challenge

Our team at Digitalya aimed to build a performant data-driven web application that showcases in a user-friendly way data gathered from over 1 000 000 users worldwide. The platform needed to be highly secure and based on user permissions in order to be safe and intuitive for the end-user.

The Solution

The result is a user-centric visualization dashboard accessible by safe authentification and based on an advanced algorithm that assesses the data gathered according to a set of predefined rules. The web application showcases 3D models of quiz results filtered based on user roles and selected preferences.

Developing a platform for 1 000 000 users worldwide was definitely a challenge we were more than excited to overcome by playing with creativity and valuable expertise.