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A media-services provider, which offers a wide variety of TV-channels, shows, and movies to stream on the phone, tablet, laptop or TV.


The growing amount of business data not only made data processing and reporting within our customer’s company slow but also diminished trust in data quality.
In order to stand apart from the competition, reduce costs, and increase profits, a company must make intelligent decisions – decisions based on trustworthy and relevant data. This is exactly where BI comes in useful.

However, with traditional BI tools and processes, the IT department controls access to analytics data and does the data analysis work for business users. And as much as our customer craved for BI analytics instead of wasting an embarrassing amount of time copying and pasting things into excel, they were not really happy with the idea to operate in a highly controlled environment, where analysts or the IT team maintain access to data. It seems fairly rational since high dependency of
business users on an IT department is time-consuming – waiting for the required reports may take up to several days – and really costly – the maintenance of an IT team is high, so it’s better to free them from routine data capture and reporting and let them concentrate on high-level priorities.

Anyway, our customer reasonably believed that – here comes their quote – “data reporting and analysis should not be this hard” and hoped to make the in-depth analysis more user-friendly, so that everyone in a company could generate their own actionable insights, modifying the reports and dashboards without a hitch.


The key goal was to optimize the decision-making across the company within a
business intelligence environment. To reach that, the following tasks were set:

  • To increase flexibility and speed in report generation
  • To ensure consistency and high quality of data in the context of its constant growth
  • To have access to reports anytime and anywhere
  • To give users a single source of truth
  • To decrease the dependency on the IT department


To enable non-technical users to get insights into the data without relying on IT staff and, thus, speed up decision-making, self-service BI was decided to be deployed.
While working on the project, *instinctools team had to overcome a number of issues such as corrupted data, multiple data sources, terabytes of data to update, calculate and analyze, etc.
Nevertheless, we’ve managed to implement and integrate a self-service BI solution based on a visual analytics platform (Tableau), that fully meets the customer’s diverse requirements.

Thanks to self-service BI and *instinctools training program for business users, the employees can independently create ad hoc analyzes specially addressing their particular needs. They are also able to modify the existing dashboards by themselves, easily adding metrics or KPIs that need to be tracked. On top of that, from now on all the data required for dashboards is prepared, integrated, and stored in a single data warehouse, which limits the pressure and workload on data management.

If there is still a need in adding new data sources and modifying the data models, adding new custom dashboards – *instinctools team stays in touch to provide the required customer support.


  • ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) – an automated process of blending data from multiple sources
  • High quality of data
  • Access rules applied to different departments and users
  • Interactive dashboards
  • Flexibility and high speed in modifying the dashboards
  • User-friendly and modern UX/UI
  • Predictive analytics
  • Time saving for Big Data processing
  • Access to dashboards from various devices (phones, tablets, PC/Mac computers)


The expanded data access and analytics capabilities provided by self-service BI benefit our customer’s company in a variety of ways:

  • Not having to assign IT resources to database ‘babysitting’ duty results in saving the team’s time and the company’s money
  • Business users have got the possibility to focus on business solutions and metrics rather than on the report generation process
  • Enriched and high quality data from many data sources ensures more qualitative insights about the client’s behavior and, as a result, allows improving market strategy
  • Customer Satisfaction Index has increased by 7.2% (is 85% now)
  • Faster data analysis means faster path to insights. The generation of a report which used to take up to 4-5 hours is now available with just one click of a button. Such a quick data analysis brings greater speed to business processes and helps to avoid miscommunication among different departments. Time saving for the report generation specialists is about 280 hours a month

In a nutshell, the main accomplishment of the project is that it has brought our customer’s data to life and turned that data into insights for the people who need it the most, business users.


  • Tableau
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Python
  • ERP Odoo