Sell Your Car for Cash Search Engine Visibility

Vertigo Media Group
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The challenge was to improve search engine visibility; increase lead capture and sales for Sell Your Car for Cash.


Sell Your Car for Cash


To improve search engine visibility; increase lead capture and sales.


This expert cars-for-cash outfit was getting lost in non-local search traffic. They were using a long-in-the-tooth website that still relied on outdated, spammy SEO techniques to gain a competitive edge, and which didn’t offer a great experience for mobile users.


In a full overhaul, Vertigo developed a new, responsive website with integrated video marketing and lead capture, reworking the brand’s content and performing careful on-site optimization using best practices. A multichannel lead generation campaign stimulated new sales and captured the much-needed local search traffic from private car sellers.


Leads have increased 400% year-over-year, while sales increased by 300%.

Search-wise, the site now dominates the local results on major search engines–a long way up from its old spot on page 9 of Google.