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Universal Services availed our services to rank their website on keywords and increase web traffic, which we successfully delivered.

About the Company

Universal Services was established in 2009 as a sub-company of Ammar Groups of companies. Universal services are dedicated to providing heat proofing, waterproofing, and 3D epoxy coating services to residential, commercial and industrial buildings in Pakistan.

Universal services are one of the leading construction chemical services providers in Pakistan. They are equipped with some of the most skilled engineers and technicians in the country and you can couple that with only the premium quality chemicals that they import from only the top brands in the world.

But recently, with the increase in online marketing Universal Services also rightfully opted to take the digital route to keep providing their exceptional chemical construction services all over Pakistan. Unfortunately, the previous SEO campaign didn’t harness the result they were expecting.

Our Work

After that Universal Services got in contact with the team at in order to get hold of a professional SEO agency that can craft a laser-focused and result-driven SEO campaign for them. was more than happy to provide Universal Services complete and focused SEO campaign for their website

Below are the services we provided to Universal Services

  • A free Website SEO audit
  • Complete Thematic Keyword research
  • Content Creation and Optimization
  • Integration of long-tailed and LSI keywords
  • Local SEO Optimization
  • Complete Off-Page SEO

Website, Competition and Market Analysis

The SEO campaign started out by laying out the complete blueprint for That was made possible by analyzing the issues on the website, what the competitors are up to and what the target market is demanding.

The website had a lot of on-page optimization issues. The content was not properly optimized. There were indications of keyword stuffing and serious grammatical errors. Website speed was not optimized and it was missing crucial meta tags. The website required a complete SEO overhaul.

Moving on the website had little to no backlinks. It was also identified that the business was seasonal as the demand for heat proofing services and waterproofing services peaked in the hot and wet seasons. So the website also required Local SEO services as temperatures vary all around Pakistan during the season

The Process and Solution began the optimization process by completely editing the whole website content and creating more in the process. It included the addition of business-relevant search queries alongside the integration of long-tailed and LSI keywords to target a region-specific market in the country.

We created the content with the help of the team at Universal Services and married our SEO expertise with their knowledge about the business.

Once we optimized their website on local keywords and the website started to appear on Google SERPs we moved on towards attracting more traffic through link building. We focused the off-page SEO campaign on driving local and region-specific online traffic.

The Results

Just inside 3 months, the website started to appear on Google’s first page on 17 keywords. Every service of Universal services heat proofing, waterproofing, and epoxy coating could be found on the first page of Google.

The organic traffic came flowing in and the company received a staggering number of leads and the conversion rate boomed. Compared to 3 months ago the traffic increased by almost 200% and the number of leads the website generated in summers quadrupled.