SEO Strategy for a Marine Environment NGO

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The AIMM, a Portuguese NGO, needed to generate new revenue through an e-commerce site, as well as improve its online visibility.

The AIMM (Associação para a Investigação do Meio Marinho, or in English, the Marine Environment Research Association) is a non-profit organization based in Algarve, in the south of Portugal. Founded in 2010, The AIMM aims to be a reference body for the research and  conservation of the marine environment. The main projects of the association are based in Algarve but it is also active in other regions, both within and beyond Portugal.

The Challenge

The AIMM was struggling to find funds in order to increase its digital marketing budget and increase awareness of its activities in the broader community. Because of this, it applied for a Google grant.

The Solution

The grant was accepted, and this enabled us to get a $10k ad budget to use on the Google Ads platform. On top of this, we also focused on the creation of an e-commerce portal and SEO in order to put together a full digital marketing strategy, which until then had been lacking.

At the time, the AIMM had an informational website, but it wanted to develop an e-commerce portal to sell branded products, as well as to attract donations from people. The goal of the project, therefore, was to establish the e-commerce site, as well as to attract more traffic to both the existing website and the envisaged e-commerce site.

In order to increase the number of visits on both websites, we built an SEO strategy from scratch based on a technical audit, an on-page analysis and keyword research We implemented technical and on-page optimizations, and also developed high-quality backlinks and recurring blog posts.

The Result

After six months of collaboration, we achieved a 54% increase in the number of new users on the existing website, which, in other words, means that we attracted 2,000 new users.

Thanks to this new traffic, donations increased by 80%, and the number of volunteers working to conserve marine environments has also increased. This means that the e-commerce site, as well as the broader digital marketing project, have been a huge success for the organization.