Shifting Their Angle During the Pandemic

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Our strategy increased our client’s conversion rate by 89.03%!

About the Client

Garden Grocer is a unique online grocery store that specializes in helping tourists enjoy their stay at the Walt Disney World Resort. Tourists can order goods from Garden Grocer’s website and have the items delivered straight to their rooms, allowing tourists to spend more time on their vacation.

The Challenge

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there had been a steep drop in the tourism industry. Garden Grocer was at a loss as Walt Disney World Resort announced its closing  indefinitely and travel in and out of the country was put to a grinding halt. Moreover, their existing website had been designed and optimized for tourists, making it difficult for them to sell their goods to locals.

Our Digital Solutions

We understood that our client wanted to preserve their original business model. However, they also needed to shift their strategy temporarily to work around the crisis.

Instead of revamping their already optimized website, we created five new landing pages. These landing pages represented a different version of the business, one geared toward locals with a same-day delivery option in the Greater Orlando area.

We then promoted these pages to locals through Facebook and Google Ads. The contents of these pages were essential grocery items such as medicine, baby needs, and cleaning essentials which are all crucial to have during this pandemic.

We also updated their social content to show more community news instead of attractions. This shift in content allowed Garden Grocer to gain more engagement from the locals.

Our strategy also made things easier to revert back to the old structure when the travel restrictions were lifted since there were little to no changes to their digital assets.

The Outcome

The adaptation allowed the client to become a go-to grocery delivery store for locals. They had an 89.03% increase in their conversion rate, which would  have been non-existent if it weren’t for the immediate shift in strategy.

Our promotions reached more than 100,000 impressions, a (+759.32% increase from their previous ads. The ad alone also increased their conversion rate to (+89.03%) compared to last year’s data.

Today, it has further snowballed into organic sales from sheer brand awareness. The once only-tourist grocery store is now a common name in the Greater Orlando area, Garden Grocer.