Skandi Motors Website Development

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The new website comes in a fresh modern design and with a more user-friendly navigation.

About the client

Skandi Motors is one of the leading and most experienced new and preowned car providers in Latvia. It’s the official dealer of Mitsubishi, Hyundai and Nissan cars, with 16 years of experience in car sales and service, with branches in Riga and Liepaja.

What we did

We’ve developed their new website, showcasing the car brands, offering test drives, calculate car leasing, using the leasing calculators, and sign up for receiving an insurance offer. The website is based on the WordPress content management system, so Skandi Motors can easily administrate the website and make changes in the content.

Every car brand page has a unique design to match the car’s identity. The design is mobile-friendly, and the website can be used on all kinds of devices. We carefully listened to our client’s wishes and needs, combined them with our experience, and made a website that is easy to use for users’ experience.