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Architect & design a fitness app that was engaging and easy to use, with art direction that was true to the brand.

About the Project

Skedufit required a fitness app that would be easy to use and less chart-focused than existing competitor products on the market. They also needed to provide coaches with important information about their athletes and facilitate engagement and communication through the app.

The Solution

We began by breaking down the budget and applying it throughout several phases which included pre-production, strategy, art direction, technical planning, and design.

First, we helped them define their brand and logo. We went for a timeless motif that reflected the number 8, fitness and a bold modern look. Tests were then done to compare the logo to competitors and to see how it would appear on various products and merchandise.

In parallel, we reviewed various payment point systems including cryptocurrency solutions like Etherium, Neo, Sweatcoin, Eon and more and finalized with a pseudo coin system like used in Sweatcoin.

Extensive specifications were written for both functional and technical requirements, our output included documents as well as many important tables, flow charts, flow diagrams and use cases to help forge the entire user experience.

It was decided to split the app into two layers, a mobile native app and an accompanying desktop application (web 2.0 app) that would overlap but have different intents. The mobile app will focus more daily use by athletes with easy quick prompts that are non-intrusive and help collect data the trainer requires. Meanwhile, the desktop app was architected to help support the management of multiple athletes in different groups, set templates, apply those to various schedules, track support and build up programs for the athletes to follow.