Sketching an Informative and Supportive Web Presence

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Dcastalia and United Hospital has a long history of working together, developing different web applications, and providing digital marketing services.

Sketching an informative and supportive web presence for one of the leading hospitals in the country which would help all patients and the administration, overall shaping digital healthcare service

United Hospital is one of the largest and most renowned experienced hospitals in the healthcare sector for quality health service, generously providing all domestic and international patients. It was essential to raise health awareness, finding specialists and gaining trust in digital platforms resulting in a revamp of its online patient experience. They are respectively our recurrent customer who has realistically achieved trust through many successful individual projects.

We promptly went through several strategic consultants and technical analysis to confirm a realistic user interface. We were in need of making an individual platform where patients can study exact symptoms and learn how the hospital heals diseases.

We also were in need of developing a consultancy platform where patients seek specialists and include visiting schedule maintenance. To achieve that ultimate goal, the website had to be robust, responsive, mobile-friendly, SEO optimized, secure, and informative.