Slatina Bank Website Development

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Flexible system for quickly updating new information, modern and appealing design and useful credit calculator for all clients!

To create an attractive design, we reviewed and tested each element. We designed each of the features to the smallest detail.

Factory team made it easy for the user to navigate each piece of the website. The iconography is minimal and easy to understand without being too technical.

On top of all of that, thanks to WordPress, marketing staff from Slatina Bank will be able to update or modify content on the site whenever they want.

A credit calculator on the website will help anyone who wants to take out a loan and with the best interest rate.

Key Features

Find the Nearest Bank Branch or ATM Quickly and Easy

Slatina Bank was looking for a solution to provide clients with info on where to find a bank office or ATM. We integrated Google Maps because it provides quick and easy searching on both desktop and mobile devices so you can find what you need whenever and wherever.

Adaptive and Client-oriented Pages for a Better User Experience

Slatina Bank has a lot of services, and the information structure is very complex. We wanted to avoid a situation where the user doesn’t know how to find the information they needed. We created 3 different types of static pages covering all requirements from clients.

For example, if you would like to take out an agricultural loan, all important information on this type of credit is visible on the static page. You can immediately contact the bank through a contact form related to that specific need. This form of contact helps users not to wander through the web site guessing until they reach the assistance they need and provides the client with a clearer insight into the user’s needs.

Easy Maintenance of Every Content on the Website

Because of the simplicity of WordPress, our client doesn’t need assistance from an IT staff. The WordPress features are quick and easy to learn and we also provided support with how-to documents. Because of this, the client’s marketing team is more capable of managing needed information for users.

Opening a Transaction Account Has Never Been Easier

Say goodbye to waiting hours in the office to create a transaction account. All you have to do is submit all the information you need online, and the documents will wait for you in the bank office you chose.

Submit a Credit Application Online after Using the Credit Calculator

With the credit calculator, it is possible to calculate a monthly loan payment by entering the interest rate, the required amount of the loan and selecting the duration of the loan. Once the data is selected, the credit parameters are calculated, and if the user is satisfied with what he sees, he or she can submit an online credit request.

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