SLIDE – Native Influencer Content Really Makes a Difference

Admiral Media
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SLIDE is a video dating app that changes your first-date frustrations into real connections and instant chemistry.


SLIDE is a video dating app that changes your first-date frustrations into real connections and instant chemistry. You can explore video profiles, go on first dates via video calls at your fingertips, and find that chemistry before dating in real life.

We tackle everything that made online dating/dating apps odd in the last years: You can see your match instantly on a live Video Vibe Check, and videos build trust and show who is behind a profile.

We at SLIDE believe that personality and chemistry are key to starting a true relationship. Therefore, it is our mission to eliminate the biggest frustrations of online dating by helping real people make sincere connections that lead to meaningful dates or fun video calls.


We faced the challenge of investing our budget more efficiently on TikTok in the US while scaling the spending. We knew that this channel was a great opportunity to reach good quality users for SLIDE.


  1. Scale US market – making the most out of TikTok channel
  2. Improve KPIs – reduce Cost per Install and Cost per Sign Up
  3. Find out the best strategy


Admiral Media proposed to use a strategy that included native TikTok videos, not just ads.

So we decided to move forward by launching ads with native content videos done by TikTok influencers. Besides that, Admiral Media also targeted the audience that was more likely to succeed in using the app and accompanied the peak spend with an influencer content strategy to improve the existing KPIs.


Once we uploaded or paused the influencer creative we could see a very clear impact, either extreme growth or decline. We uploaded the ‘David’ native influencer creative first on the 12th of Nov. The ad was paused and launched again on the 24th of Nov. We immediately saw the results on these two days and realized that good native influencer content really makes a measurable difference vs. regular creatives. Also, the engagement rate per impression was much higher, and the CPI much lower.

  • In 2 days alone we spent almost the same amount as the previous 7 days with all other creatives combined
  • We doubled (+116%) the number of installs at half of the CPI (-55%)
  • The number of Sign-Ups increased +59% at a 40% cheaper cost per Sign Up