SLM Online Mutual Fund App Building

Prarthana Associates Pvt Ltd
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SLM is a trading platform with an objective to go paperless. We helped the brand by developing a mobile app that comes with major trading features.

About the Brand

SLM is India’s most trusted financial institution with more than 13+ years of experience in creating wealth for its clients. It assists its clients in how they can invest in Mutual Funds online and offline. Furthermore, it aims to serve the investment needs of individual investors, corporate and institutions through mutual funds portfolios. It is an automatic platform that understands the needs of investors and offers different funds as per their needs or financial goals.


SLM endeavors to offer a seamless mutual fund investment experience to its clients. As it strives to do so, a slew of documentation work becomes a hurdle for them. Managing the documents was no less than a hassle for the brand. Furthermore, a lack of proper KYC of the customers manifolds the trouble. Therefore, SLM decided to automate the entire process and make it simple for its clients. It was looking forward to a solution that gives advice on a mutual fund to its customers after understanding all their needs and financial goals.


One of the biggest challenges that we, as a development and digital marketing agency, faced was the lack of mutual fund industry know-how. Because no one in the team was actively involved in mutual fund investment, we were not updated with the norms and regulations of the industry. However, continuous research, knowledge gathering, and expert advice helped us overcome this hurdle. We now had the basic knowledge of the concepts which took us further in achieving our goal of delivering a solution.

However, the battle was half won. Next in the row of challenges was payment security. A single loophole or breach in financial security could have posed a serious threat to the money of the investors. After considering a multitude of payment gateways, we finalized one and went on for its implementation on the portal.

Mutual Fund Investment is a data-driven task. Guesswork has no room in Mutual Fund Investment. Only with the help of data, major decisions are taken. We took data analytics quite seriously in the project and delivered data analytics tool and features which could help investors to make an educated decision.

It was after overcoming all the aforementioned challenges, we delivered a solution that was satisfactory and lived up to the standards of the client.

Solutions Offered

Keeping the objective in mind, the tech team at Prarthana Associates worked on the solution. The first solution was a Mobile App packed with indispensable trading features. From getting to know your investment growth to fetching information on top funds, the app comes with tons of useful features. Be it SIP, fund comparison, fund recommendation, profit/loss data or absolute return fund, the app is no less than a pocket investment advisor.

Along with the app, we also delighted the client with an e-portal that boasts of all the features integrated into the app. The portal flaunts its elegant user-interface and comes with amazing user experience and seamless navigation. The e-portal is powered by a powerful hosting server that is rarely down and offers rapid fast browsing speed.

Wrapping Up

At Prarthana Associates, we are always focused on objective-oriented results. In the entire process of delivering the solution, we didn’t lose sight of the objective defined in the first place. Post the delivery of the solution, we shouldered the responsibility of the app and portal maintenance and optimization from time to time, thus keeping the digital assets at par with those prevailing in the industry.