Smart City Platform for Municipalities of Rovolon, Curitiba and Selangor

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Development of a cloud smart city platform – Citymatica. The platform enabling municipalities to manage cities in a smart way.

Scope: Development of a cloud smart city platform – Citymatica. The platform enabling municipalities to manage cities in a smart way. UX/UI design. Web-development. iOS & Android app development.

What is Citymatica?

Citymatica is a service that makes regular cities into Smart ones.

  • Mobile apps (Android, iOS) of your city with ready touse must-have Smart City services
  • City web portal for citizens
  • SMS portal for those citizens who doesn’t have smartphones
  • IM portal for those who got used to messengers
  • Command center for city authorities – management of city services communication with citizens, data aggregation and analysis – everything is available at one place and ready for comfortable usage.

How Citymatica can be used

Citymatica is a 360-degree Smart City solution. Its capabilities cover almost any communication and digital engagement needs a city or municipality may have.

  1. Informing and interacting with citizens via feedback collection and processing.
  2. Conducting city polls on various topics.
  3. Managing all types of scheduled appointments from a single point.

What Citymatica includes

City management from one point: The general operator web interface provides city authorities with comprehensive statistics of smart city usage and all management features.

City pulse dashboard: A real-time snapshot of the most essential city life indicators.

Grievance processing & analysis: Easy-to-use web interface for processing citizen complaints with manageable rules and workflows.

City polls & analysis: Quickly launched targeted polls on different questions regarding city life with interactive analytics and statistics.

City points: Helps to engage people and give them a city life contribution rating.

City news management & analysis: Enables municipalities to create their own news feed, target information geographically or by interests, get citizen feedback and analyze information consumption in real-time.

Communication campaigns: City managers may build sophisticated citizen communication via all accessible channels (push messages, SMS, IM, e-mail), with well-targeted rich media messages.

City chat: Instant communication with citizens on the most essential questions requiring immediate reaction or Q&A sessions with city authorities.

Emergency alarms management: SOS alarms management with urgent notification to city authorities via e-mail or SMS with exact geo-position and signal processing to emergency services.

Appointments management: Management of all types of scheduled appointments from a single point including hospitals, in-person visits to municipalities, issuing documents and many others.

Citizen data aggregation: Centralized collection of various data on citizen demography, houses, transport vehicles, interests, smart city services usage, etc.

Citizen behavior analysis: Real-time analysis of citizen engagement level and opinion on different spheres of city life.