Social Media Content Development for Morshynska

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An overview of HASHTAG’s work on promoting Ukraine’s favorite brand of water.


To expand its market boundaries, Morshynska introduced a mineral water spray for moisturizing the face and body.

The Challenge

To capture a share of the premium brand market while simultaneously expanding the possibilities of this category. The other challenge was to attract consumers who were previously not interested in such products.

The Solution

Morshynska created a naturality manifesto to remind women that true beauty lies in preserving naturalness. The project was voiced by poet and journalist Miriam Dragina. In just four months, from February to May 2018, Morshynska spray managed to become the absolute leader in the face spray segment, occupying nearly a third of the market and surpassing all European competitors in the premium product category.

The Result

3,000,000 YouTube impressions


High engagement – 38% watched for 30 seconds (average market rate: 19%)

25% of all users watched the video to the end

Collaboration with Pustovyt

The Objective

To establish a fashion association with the new SKU in glass packaging.

What We Did

We created an animated video for image communication and support of Morshynska’s limited edition collection in glass bottles.

Our work involved creating engaging content by editing short video posts (6 to 10 seconds long) based on the main video of the advertising campaign.