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Over a 12-month period, MYJS’s campaigns brought in impressive conversion rates and sales increases.

About the Client

My Jewellery Story is an e-commerce company that produces modern, affordable fashion jewellery. Everything they produce is of the highest quality, and with hypoallergenic properties, making sure even those with sensitive skin can enjoy wearing classy jewellery without any problems.

The Challenge

The plan of MYJS was to keep focusing on its existing customers in Australia, and at the same time, reach potential clients in the UK and USA. We know the importance of influencers in their campaigns, so it wasn’t strange that Facebook and Instagram were the most important platforms for taking audiences on a journey from awareness to purchase. The main challenge was to create multichannel campaigns that could engage, educate and convince both US and UK audiences to become MYJS customers.

At the same time, there was a need to effectively connect with Australian consumers. For this goal, MYJS worked with influencers to create relatable, authentic content for their campaigns. These campaigns showcased the products and reflected the core values of the brand: that quality jewellery shouldn’t be expensive, must be 100% hypoallergenic, and that every woman should have access to the perfect piece to elevate any look.


With our sights set on cost-effective conversions, we suggested running campaigns to try out different ad formats. Other features we suggested were budget optimization and audience targeting. The point was to test the campaign ad creative as Facebook Page posts and Instagram posts. These tests were to help us understand which products and images resonate with people the most.

We suggested targeting these ads to Lookalike Audiences to attract potential customers. Another suggestion was to use Custom Audiences to reach people who had previously engaged with an ad or visited the website.

The Process

In the first 6 months of our collaboration, the focus was on developing and testing creative content, trying out multiple photos and video ads, headlines, and calls to action in order to find the most successful combinations.

To grab the attention of Australian audiences and drive traffic to the website, we showed the ads to a lookalike audience of women in the target location with similar profiles to existing customers. Additionally, this audience was narrowed down to the target demographic of women aged 35-50. They saw the ads in the Facebook News Feed and the Instagram feed, as well as in Instagram stories.

After that, we drove sales by showing dynamic ads to the Australian website visitors who visited specific web pages but didn’t purchase products or added them to the cart. It also showed ads to people who had interacted with relevant Instagram posts but had not viewed or added products to the cart, as well as people who had added products to the cart.

Budget optimization enabled easy management of MYJS’s campaign budget and achieving the best possible results across the multiple audiences and countries we were targeting.

Our Services


  • Over a 12-month period, MYJS’s campaigns brought in impressive conversion rates and sales increases.
  • OVER 4% conversion rate
  • OVER 5 times increase in sales from Facebook
  • OVER 3 times increase in sales from Instagram
  • UP TO 30% lower cost per conversion