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SoFlow is a unique electric scooter and skateboard app made according to Swiss quality standards.

Electric scooter and skateboard mobile app for iOS and Android

SoFlow is a leader in e-mobility products, has created a unique line of electric ride-ons like e-boards, scooters and pads providing fun and innovative transportation. All products are produced according to Swiss quality standards and offer an uncomplicated and environmentally friendly way to get from point A to point B.

SoFlow is working on the future urban mobility and is developing solutions for the “last mile of transportation” and with iOS and Android mobile app it combines hardware and software for the best user experience.

App features

  • Lock/Unlock your scooter digitally with the app
  • Check all relevant information on the dashboard
  • Track your ride and check your rides afterwards
  • Collect FlowMiles according to your driven distance
  • Redeem FlowMiles for vouchers in the shop
  • Work your way up in the global leaderboard
  • Tutorials, videos, guides
  • Weekly giveaways
  • In-App Support

Dashboard control

The dashboard gives you an overview in real-time of your active ride with current speed, distance, time, battery and collected FlowMiles + other functionalities to control the scooter, like different ride modes.

FlowMiles voucher shop

Check your earned FlowMiles on your profile. Use collected FlowMiles that you have earned by riding the scooter and use them in the in-app shop anytime for discounts and voucher rewards.

Global leaderboard

Compete with other SoFlow users and work your way up in the global leaderboard!

Device self-diagnosis

Test your SoFlow scooter to check if it is safe and ready to ride and send test results data to SoFlow team for future improvements and better customer support.

Safety locking

Lock and unlock your scooter digitally within the app while you’re not riding it.

SoFlow support

Easily find help when you need it with FAQ, tutorials, instruction videos, guides and In-App customer support.