South Hiendley Private Pool

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South Hiendley Private Pool

South Hiendley Private Pool is a small business located in Barnsley. With no website, and no desire to have one, the owners run their private pool business directly from Facebook. They are well known for having a high volume of bookings and returning clients to their pool.

The Brief

South Hiendley came to us when they attempted to use Facebook’s booking system to organise their appointments, but stumbled across a multitude of issues. They were being overwhelmed with the number of enquiries they were receiving on a day-to-day basis, alongside having to take bookings over Facebook Messenger, something had to give. This led to a lot of confusion and unconfirmed reservations, meaning that they were losing out on business. South Hiendley Private Pool didn’t have much promotional content, which meant they weren’t showcasing themselves as much as possible to new people. Our digital marketing agency was more than ready to step in and alleviate the stress for this client.


The main reason South Hiendley Private Pool came to us, was to alleviate the pressure and time constraints that the Facebook booking system and business page had left on their minds. Customers were confused, and the owners were losing out on business and with nowhere trustworthy schedule bookings. Of course, this led to a decrease in conversions.

Our CRO specialists researched booking systems and found the best one that was suited to the Private Pool’s needs. The booking system was set up, optimised and we made sure our client was able to take payment and view the booking statuses before anything went live.

We love to go the extra mile for clients and always try to make sure they are satisfied. Therefore, we stayed in touch with South Hiendley Private Pool and gave them training on how the booking system worked, along with answering any queries they had about it.

Social Media Setup/Configuration

Our client wanted help with their Facebook page for their private pool business. They needed to make sure that they weren’t missing any customer enquiries through Facebook Messenger as, with limited staff, not all of their customer queries could be answered and responded to in a timely manner. Our digital marketing team suggested that we could create auto-generated messages based on specific, general questions that were always being asked multiple times a day. These were set up and enabled people to receive quick, automated replies to questions such as, “What are your opening hours?”

Alongside this, we reviewed South Hiendley’s page information to ensure opening hours were correct, address and the button linking to the new booking system was set up for them.

Content Planning

The key to more engagement and exposure on social media is to consistently post and promote your services/products through optimised posts and friendly engagement. South Hiendley regularly posted, but they were mostly just availability or business updates, so we wanted to really advertise what they have to offer to its full extent. Bite Digital set about creating content to post along with templates that they could edit whenever the team had any updates. This took the pressure off the owners and ensured that the content was always ready to go when needed.

Results Summary

South Hiendley Private Pool saw a 233% increase in Facebook recommendations alongside a 40.2% increase in bookings.