Spaghetti Maths + Facebook Ads = 87 Leads in 3 Months

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Learn how we drove 87 high value potential new franchisee leads to Spaghetti Maths in 3 months.

The Client

Spaghetti Maths is an educational franchisee who go into schools and public places to teach maths to children, with the aim to build motivation in maths, and pupil confidence. The business has several franchises across the Midlands and is looking to expand its number of franchises in order to deliver educational workshops up and down the UK.

Key Aims

The goal for Spaghetti Maths was to increase the number of franchise opportunity enquiries and to ultimately increase the number of Spaghetti Maths franchises around the UK.

Google Ads wasn’t getting enough traffic to the site and was at times struggling to spend the monthly budget. As a result, Spaghetti Maths was only gaining a few monthly enquiries.

Because the cost of opening and owning a franchise with Spaghetti Maths is high, getting relevant traffic to the site was very important. Users need to be informed, feel trust, and have the capital to invest to start their own educational franchise.

At Repeat Digital we knew our Google Ads PPC management was bringing in traffic, but not enough of this traffic was relevant to the educational franchise and the campaigns weren’t scalable enough. We needed another large advertising platform to reach the right people based on more specific targeting.

The Repeat Digital Strategy

Reaching out to relevant people who are interested in opening their own franchise, or spreading the messages to teachers who are looking to leave the profession, has always been key for their business.

Firstly, Repeat Digital had to develop a new strategy for Spaghetti Maths to increase relevant traffic to the website and encourage more phone calls. This plan included customer profiling, producing new and reusing available content, and identifying key customer pain points for marketing messages.

Repeat Digital developed a new Facebook Ads marketing strategy. Several audiences were used which included prospecting audiences, lookalike audiences, email lists, and website retargeting. The prospecting audiences were based on user behaviour, job titles such as “maths teacher,” and by creating various lookalike audiences. Multi-stage retargeting ads were used to help the user become engaged with the brand, and build trust in order to convert. Various ad copy formats were used too, which enabled Repeat Digital to split test audiences and ad copy and optimise for best results.

Working alongside the paid social strategy, Repeat also advised Spaghetti Maths on creating new website landing pages that would be used to help keep users on-site and increase the likelihood of conversions. These included a page on case studies and a benefits page.

The Outcome

With the help of Repeat Digital, Spaghetti Maths has successfully increased the number of quality enquiries and maintained a very low ROAS (return on ad spend) on Facebook compared to Google Ads.

The number of new users on site increased by almost 1,500%, with overall conversions increasing by over 800%, and the conversion rate (form completions) increasing from 1.93% to 2.35%.

They are continuing to receive regular quality phone calls from people who are wanting a change from their usual career and looking to join the educational franchise.

Advertising on Facebook with a spend of £440 led to 2,102 website visitors, compared to just 146 visitors from Google Ads. With a cost per click of only 22p, marketing on Facebook achieved a far greater ROAS, as well as higher quality traffic due to the targeting options that Facebook advertising possesses.

In just three months of marketing Spaghetti Maths on Facebook, 87 franchisee leads were acquired, with a total ad spend of £1,000.

Moving Forward

Although the results for Spaghetti Maths have been very positive, we always strive to improve on past results every month.

By continually split testing ad copy, audiences, and various creatives, we can identify the best performing adverts and increase overall results. As well as this, we will continue to explore new audience opportunities and expand into other PPC channels, such as Instagram, Google Ads and LinkedIn.

If you’d like to find out more about how Repeat can run profitable Facebook Ads for your business, contact us today!