Spotsie – A Mobile App for Conferences

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Spotsie is a white-label, feature-packed app that increases networking at any event.


Spotsie is a startup for improving conferences by applying innovative IoT ideas to make life easier for both attendees and organizers.

Lots of conferences today have mobile apps that eliminate the need for printed material by pushing schedule updates or important announcements. But for Spotsie, that was not enough.

Envisioning how to help attendees meet each other by matching mutual interests, and how organizers could act on real-time reports on congestions of conference space, Spotsie architectured a Bluetooth-based beacon system to handle indoor attendee location.


But for the system to work, the conference mobile app needed super-easy onboarding and opt-in user profiles, while providing seamless configuration of beacons that come with conference passes. The complication is, this had to work no matter which phone an attendee was using!


When AGENCY04 took on the project of Agile development of Spotsie’s brandable native apps for both iOS and Android, the mobile teams faced the challenge of diving into depths of Bluetooth communication; they covered as much as 30 of the popular phone models.


Both Spotsie and AGENCY04 teams were super-excited to see the MVP’s performance in real life, surrounded by a myriad of beacons. The app was playing along nicely, the attendees were curiously opting-in to its social networking part and ended up rating it highly on the conference feedback forms.

Spotsie remains a happy client and is already imagining where the mobile app can go further.